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Polish girls have the same kind of attractive blonde good looks that we usually associate with Russian and Ukrainian women.

However culturally they tend to be more westernized than there counterparts to the east.

One reason why many men are attracted to Polish women is because of their reputation as being excellent mothers and wives.

They are raised to be polite and dutiful and most manage to live up to these standards.

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The United Kingdom web site of the European Regional Directory provides many links to related sites.

He has been accused of having no principles because he changed his mind over three important issues: Catholic Emancipation (1829), the Reform Act (1832) and the repeal of the Corn Laws (1846).

On all three matters he vehemently opposed the proposals for reforming legislation until he felt that he could continue no longer; he then accepted the necessity for, if not the desirability of, change. This site looks at some of the major events in the period 1760-1820 The Victorian Web is a site located at Brown University, Rhode Island.

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